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Product Code: GLENFIDDICH 18 YR
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Nose: A grainy nose tickle, with a punch of alcohol behind it. This resolves (especially with a little time resting in the glass) into honeycomb and dried apricot. Cold baklava and cherry syrup, with a hint of orange sherbet. A little green grass or herbal tinge – surprising after 18 years in the cask! The wood is not pronounced, although there is a telltale whiff of sherry. A dash of water wakes up this slumbering beauty, and the fiery nose intensifies. Along with it come firm red stone fruits, sour green plums, and raspberry jam. Body: Medium and mouth-filling, but not particularly full or oily. Palate: A nutty fieryness upfront. Hazelnuts and pecans. A thin layer of jammy fruits and red currants. Malty cereal and orange-blossom honey. The dash of water releases some younger fruit notes, like the aforementioned raspberry jam and green plum. In fact, with the hazelnuts and cereal, there is a suggestion of nut butter-and-jelly sandwiches. Awesome! Finish: Medium-length and warming. More nuttiness in the throat – the hazelnuts particularly. The added water yields a longer back-of-the-tongue finish, with a ghost of strawberry hard candies.

750 ML

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